Friday, 10 January 2014


                Aku benci selalu memberi, aku benci selalu memaklumi, aku benci selalu menurutin, aku benci selalu memaafkan, aku benci selalu memahami, aku benci selalu mendengarkan, aku benci selalu mengasiani… mengingat mereka tidak memberi, memaklumi, menuruti, memaafkan, memahami, mendengarkanku.

                I give everything the best for them.

                Ketika mereka sedih, aku selalu ada, mendengarkan menghibur, memberi masukan, membela, menguatkan. Ketika mereka sakit, aku ada untuk sekedar disana.

                Tapi, ketika aku diposisi mereka? They aren’t there.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


               OH MY GOD! That was so fucking amazing, if you guys didn’t see it yet, I suggest you to see it right now! It was awesome, AND I WOULD SEET IT AGAIN, AGAIN, AND AGAIN!!! Wohooo.

                Thank you Justin, for givin me some new friends and they become my family now. In the theater all we can do is just screaming, swearing, and nobodys there tell us to shut up because everyone screaming there.

                And theres a part of the movie, Justin wearing suit, and one of us screaming like “ God, please no Justin in suit, I cant breathe” and all of us laughing so hard.

                Omg that was really just like, going to the theater with family ♥ looovvvveeee it :*